Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC)

In 2012, Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC) continues to be a fast growing youth consortium/union of 120 youth non-governmental organizations, 249 Youth Enterprise Groups (YEGs) and hundreds of youth individuals countrywide. TYC is working towards building the capacity and raising awareness of young people on Sustainable Development. TYC addresses four programme areas namely:

  • Youth Livelihood and Employment
  • Environment and Youth Livelihood
  • Gender and Youth Health
  • Coalition Building and Networking

TYC ensures that the voice of a young person is heard at all policy platforms at local, national and international levels. Tanzania Youth Coalition (TYC) does the work of facilitating information dissemination, sharing and exchange, Policy Analysis, Lobbying and advocacy. TYC is registered under the NGO Act of no. 00NGO/1382.

Tanzania will have a well-informed and empowered, responsible youth population participating on national development productively, individually and from a strong and vibrant civil society at local, national and international levels to the benefit of the poor and vulnerable people of our nation (Constitution 2002).

The main purpose of Tanzania Youth Coalition is to raise awareness and build the capacity of youth (primarily the coalescing partners) on sustainable development focusing on policy
issues, information, lobbying and advocacy and ensure that the voice of a young person is heard across decision making platforms (Constitution 2002).



German Partner: MitOst Hamburg e.V.